Kaspar Kaae

Composer and producer


 The Danish composer Kaspar Kaae has been a well known musician and songwriter in his native country Denmark for some years now and has released three albums and two EP's under the name CODY during the last five years. He has worked with Danish director Pernille Fischer Christensen who used his songs in her acclaimed film En Familie (A Family). Latest he has worked with Norwegian Director Hans Petter Moland on his movie Kraftidioten which is going to be released on February 21th starring Stellan Skarsgård.

His work swings from the very melancholic drama to the more subtle and tiny dreamy soundscapes. There is an influence from the american music as you can here it in Kraftidioten however there is no doubt that it is in Scandinavia he has his musical roots. 


Flaskepost Fra P - 2016 (Zentropa) – Hans Petter Moland

Nylon – 2015 (Zentropa/DFI/Electric Park Prod.) – Jeanette Nordahl

I Have A Dream – 2015(TV Glad) – Mette Føns

Børns Voksenvenner – 2015 (Munch & Søn)

Kraftidioten – 2014 (Paradox) – Hans Petter Moland

Helvedes Ildsjæle – 2014 (DR2 Dokumentary) – Sand TV

En Familie – 2010 (Zentropa) – Pernille Fischer Christensen

12 Meter Ohne Kopf (Warner)(2009)

Waiting For Phil – 2012 (Nordisk Film/Zentropa) – Jeanette Nordahl

Neel – 2010 (Super 16) – Jeanette Nordahl

My baby The Butterfly – 2011 (Zentropa/DFI) – Jeanette Nordahl

14 År og To Nætter – 2011(Super 16) Jeanette Nordahl

Hamborg via Nykøbing F.  - 2011 (Den Danske Filmskole) Carina Randløv

Turbolens  - 2012 (Den Danske Filmskole) Carina Randløv

Jeg Begyndte Sådan Set Bare At Gå – 2016 (DR) – Carina Randløv

Fuzzy (computer game) (2016)


 CODY EP, 2009.

Songs album, 2009.

Under The Pillow//Under The Elms EP, 2011

Fractures album 2012

Windshield album 2014